On 5 axis - with safe hands!

Participation and victory both give a rank and provide references to the employer which is an excellent opportunity to increase the reputation, image, prestige of your company, and you can proudly announce that your customers are entrusted to the best specialist with the delivery of their goods

On 5 axis - Professionalism in driving

We are looking for the best prepared Hungarian truck driver handling his vehicle with the highest level of driving technique and the utmost security through the framework of a national competition series, testing the skills, aptness and creativity of practicing drivers. Participation and victory both give the rank and provide references to the employer as excellent opportunities to increase the reputation, image and prestige of your company and proudly proclaim that their customers are entrusted to the best professional with the delivery of their goods. We are looking for the best among the good guys, who control every inch of their vehicle, who knows everything about his profession, whose priorities are the legal and the safe trafc and who is not terrifed by the challenges. Who is brave enough and shows what he knows, can be part of a competition with great atmosphere where the cream of the profession measure their knowledge. The experience remains an unforgettable memory. We capture all the moments of the contest, who will come, can later show their grandchildren too, that competed among the best!

Semi final: 2020.09.12-13 Bicske Schmitz Cargobull Kft

Final: 2020.09.26. Zsámbék, drivingcamp Hungary


Könczöl András

Winner in 2013 and 2016

The 36-year-old employee of Vere Gestum Ltd. has been working in the industry for nine years and mainly carries out domestic freight tasks with semi-trailer. András has always been attracted to driving, his work is also his hobby. Although he participated in 2016 fourth time in this competition, still there were challenges for him in the fnals, mainly as regards the international rules.

Szalai Gábor

Winner in 2014 and 2015

He has been hiking the roads for 22 years , the best truck driver in Hungary, he is Gábor Szalai. „The organizers devised fabulous tasks. I think I can express in the name of my colleagues that we have learned a lot during the competition. I am happy to be the frst! I can hardly believe that I am the best truck driver in the country. ”

Széll Miklós

Winner in 2017

Winning the jubilee competition was an incredible experience to the young employee of MTLB Müller Ltd.. „I can not believe that I became the best truck driver from the other 10 colleagues. It is an extraordinary feeling to win for the frst time.

Kormos Csaba Tibor

Winner in 2018

Tibor Kormos became the best truck driver in Hungary in 2018 with 22300 points. Csaba, who works as an individual entrepreneur, first came to the competition, and his victory was a surprise to everyone, as a new competitor repeatedly entered the top of the podium last year.

Könczöl András

Winner in 2019

The succes of recent years

Participation is not only important because the winner can wear the title of the Best Truck Driver Hungary for a year but also because the champion’s employer is given special recognition, too.


The competition

In Zsámbék, for 5 years, the Driving-Camp Hungary Driving Technique Centre hosts a traditional event in the life of NiT Hungary. The aim of the national competition is to draw the attention of the profession and the public to the importance of transport safety and transport culture, as well as the key role of professional truck drivers in efcient and secure freight transport. In the series of events, besides the usual manoeuvring, driving technique, cargo-fxing, frst aid and theoretical rule-knowledge tasks, the installation of snow chains and fnding of a hiding unauthorized person in the cargo area
are also included.

„Seeing this masculine struggle and how successful the initiative is, I feel that this race has the legitimacy, every year we want to organize it by all means. It is not only a great feedback to drivers about their professional level standing, but also entrepreneurs can be proud of that one on the country’s top truck drivers is working with them. I hope by this initiative, more and more young people get a feel for this profession.”


The success in numbers

“Special adventure, great prizes, safe trafc!

Be our partner!

Why is it worth to become a sponsor of „5 Axis – Safe hands!” engineering and safety engineering contest?

After the democratic transition the Hungarian road transport became a success industry by fast growth and serious quality development. One of the keys of success is the driver who provides his well-prepared professional knowledge for the employer’s business. Unfortunately, there are not many. In order to be more of them, we dreamed of a unique competition at European level which has outgrown itself as one of the most prestigious domestic road safety contest now.

Professional enthusiasm and commitment must be created and maintained. This also serves the purpose of competition and prizes. Carriers involved in the competition are examples for all domestic companies. Sponsors supporting the event will take their business card at a professional event that will also provide recognition in the business in the long run. There is not even a professional event, which would move so many professionals and business showing spectacularly the sector’s competitiveness. Today no one dispute that Hungarian drivers perform at world-class level – we just need to keep them in the drivers’cabs  of domestic companies. We count on you and your company – achieve success together and increase the rank of Hungarian transport as it deserve


A good driver is the keystone of the employer’s success

„Skilled and sufcient number of driver is the employer’s competitive advantage!” – this is the principle of competition since it has been funded. Optimal knowledge and preparedness are the main aspects of the employers’ expectations to select the best Hungarian truck driver. The concept of this knowledge is complex, including driving techniques, calamity abatement support, efcient driving style, cargo safety experience, and any theoretical knowledge that is the basic condition of the lawful conduct of the activity. We reward the driver whose knowledge is the basic pillar and indispensable condition of the employer’s successful operation


Success of driver is also the success of a good employer

Enthusiasm and loyalty for the profession must be upheld. The esteem of an excellent driver is a guarantee of retaining of employees. Delegation of drivers is the recognition of their performance; those businesses which delegate contestants can also serve examples for all domestic businesses.


Role models for the young generation

Lack of drivers is an urgent problem, one of the keys to the solution is raise interest for the profession. Nowadays no one disputes that Hungarian drivers perform at world class level; contestants, prizes are to be followed for the young generation. The competition presents challenges and beauty of this profession, contributing that Hungarian drivers professional skills are rising in rank as well as the professional interest.


Achieve success together!

Sponsors supporting the event put down their business cards at one of the best domestic road safety event. There is not yet a professional event that would move so many drivers and businesses spectacularly reconfrming the prestige of Hungarian road transport to general public.


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